Hands-On Real Estate

Hands-On Real Estate

As your realtor and broker, we have a responsibility to take care of you. We help buy and sell real estate no matter what your home is worth. Because it's not about our commission — It's about your future.

Educated Decision Making@4x

Educated Decision Making

It’s important to understand the process of buying and selling to be able to make confident decisions. From first-time home buyers to seasoned pros, we walk you through every step from A to Z to achieve your goals in real estate.

Financial Guidance@4x

Financial Guidance

Why rent when you can own? Why make your landlord rich when you can build equity? What will my resale value be?

Real estate is one of the biggest financial investments you’ll ever make, so it must serve you well. We have a responsibility to help you paint a healthy financial picture based on the decisions you make in real estate today.

Emotional Support@4x

Emotional Support

It’s bittersweet to leave a home you’ve filled with memories. We’re here to help you through the buying and selling process, not just as your Realtors … but as your confidants. We provide assurance you’re on the right path long after the closing process, because we’re invested beyond real estate.

Lisa Fata

''It shouldn’t take 24 hours to get a response these days. If you call us, we answer!''

Lisa Ramont

''When something doesn’t go right, we’re up in the middle of the night thinking, how can we solve this problem?''