Five Great Apps for Buying or Selling Real Estate

Homesnap is snapchat for real estate. You can take a photo of a house while you’re out looking and get immediate details about the property. You can also use it to communicate with your realtor, spouse, friends and relatives that you want to keep abreast of your search.

Most accurate and updated information,  and easy to use (not like some others we know….)


This app is great. It is run by the US Census Bureau and gives information about a city or neighborhood you might be considering.  It’s meant for real estate, travel, or just learning more about the area you live in.


Shop for your new home or for staging items you might need to get your current home looking beautiful and ready to sell.   Also provides contact info for local professionals. I love the galleries, today’s highlight was 15 Tiny Tables for Two… great photos and ideas.


Post and sell all of your furniture/items LOCALLY that you don’t need anymore! Decluttering is an essential element of staging a house to sell (more money/less time on the market).  This app is only going to get bigger.