How to Stage a Bedroom & Sell Your House for More Money in Less Time

I can’t tell you how many times I walk into homes on the market and the bedding is pretty darn awful.  On the rare occasions that I take buyers through a home with a beautiful bed (especially in the master bedroom), I hear the oohs and aahs, and those are usually the ones we write the offers on. The bed is key to making your bedroom look fabulous.

The Importance of Pillows

Ever wondered how Pottery Barn gets those beds to look so beautiful and inviting? It’s actually pretty simple. The pillows are the secret and Euro shams are a must (these are the big square 26X26 pillows). I like them with feather pillow inserts, so you can give them a nice “karate chop” down the middle, so they look like the magazine shoots. A twin bed needs one, a full/queen needs two, and a king gets two or three (designers often say three for a king, but I always use two and it still looks great).  You also need your standard or king pillows and cases, plus some throw pillows with symmetry, like I used in the video. Use a pretty flat sheet to fold over, and before your photo shoot, iron just the top of it (that shows) and also iron your pillowcases and shams!  It’s quick and it makes such a difference. Add a pretty duvet (and a throw if you’d like) with a tray on top, and viola, you’re done! Your online photos will stand out, and this is also key to selling for more money in less time.

Return on Investment

I staged the bed in this video for less than $200 with bedding from Home Goods, and remember, you are going to get this money back! NAR (National Association of Realtors) surveys show average staging costs (for the entire home) are 1-3% of asking price, with an ROI of 8-10%.  A beautifully styled bed will have potential buyers oohing and aahing, which converts to OFFERS!